Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning-Things to Consider

Cleaning the jewelries is always a tricky process and many people do not know how to do that. Hence they will prefer a professional sonic jewelry cleaner to clean their luxury collection. Since there will be very minute designs and cuts, a common individual may not be able to remove the dirt present efficiently. There are various tools which can help them in cleaning the jewels easily. They have to know the right way to do that. Traditionally, people who are cleaning their jewels at home will use some solutions or detergent to perform that. It usually delivers some ideal results.


But sometimes, those cleaning methods may damage the jewels. Therefore the person has to be very careful. Before doing such process on their own, people have to make sure that the solution or chemical which they are using for cleaning will not damage the ornament. While using some solutions, the jewels may get a coating over it. Such kind of coating will produce certain colours over it and the person may not able to remove it easily.

In such situation, the person has to perform ultrasonic jewelry cleaning process to remove the coating. This process will be very effective to remove the color coating from any kind of jewelries. Most of the professional jewelry cleaners will use this method to remove any kind of dirt present in the jewels. But sometimes the ultrasonic cleaning may remove the stones present in the jewels. Hence the people must avoid this process in the case of jewels with stones. Most of the people are not aware of this and the stones in the jewels will come out.

In this process, the ultrasonic waves and chemicals will be used to remove the tarnish and dirt. When the jewels are exposed to the chemicals or waves, there will be some bubbles over the jewels and the foreign particles will be removed automatically. The high frequency ultrasonic waves will eliminate the contaminants from the jewels. The following passages will guide the people to perform the ultrasonic cleaning process.ultrasonic-jewelry-cleaning

First of all, people have to take a container and fill it with water and a tablespoon of ammonia. After combining both water and ammonia, they have to add some amount of dish washing liquid in it. Now all the three liquids have to be mixed thoroughly and once it is done the jewels can be added into the container. But there is an important thing that the people must have in their mind. They should not add more number of jewels into the container. If they add like that, then there are many chances for the damage of the jewels. Therefore it is very significant that the y have to add only less number of jewels in it.

Also they should avoid adding the jewels with stones in this process. It will damage the stones and remove it from the jewels. Hence the person must avoid the jewels with stones. This ultrasonic jewelry cleaning process is not applicable for such kind of jewels.

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